Specialty Vehicle Claims

Special-Trained Experts for Non-Traditional Claims

RVs, ATVs, EVs – even things without a “V” like boats, planes, motorcycles, and classic cars – require their appraisals be performed by a set of trained and knowledgeable eyes.

You can’t simply assign an auto appraiser and expect them to figure it out on the job, so The Doan Group never will. We ensure that the appraiser we assign to your specialty vehicle claim has relevant training and experience. That way you can have confidence in knowing all damage is identified and accurately estimated the first time.

Have tractor trailer claims? Time is money for your customers, so getting your customer’s rig back on the road is our top priority. We have a nationwide roster of qualified appraisers we can quickly deploy to provide the fastest resolution.

Whether it’s a daily claim or a CAT, The Doan Group can efficiently manage your specialty vehicle assignments.

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