We Treat Our Customers and Their Customers with Fairness

When The Doan Group first opened its doors in Buffalo, NY back in 1981, our core principles were professionalism, fairness, and quality. And while we have grown significantly since then, our commitment to these values remains a priority at the top of the house and throughout our many franchise locations around the U.S.

The Doan Group believes you don’t have to sacrifice customer service to partner with a nationwide vendor.

Claims are handled by the local Doan provider, so you know the person involved understands the area and the circumstances around the claims.





Claims are assigned to knowledgeable professional, so you know the person involved understands how to manage the claim efficiently and accurately. No auto appraisers handling property claims. No on-the-job Googling “how-to” videos. Always the right person for the situation.

Carriers are assigned to a dedicated account manager, so you always know who to call, email or text when you have new information or need an update. Creating and maintaining a personal relationship with our valued customers is important to us.

Hate recordings? So do we! One of our team members answers the phone when you call during business hours. No phone trees. No lengthy menu messages. No frustration.

When it comes to technology, The Doan Group is committed to leveraging the best, most up-to-date technology to improve service, accuracy, cycle time, and total cost of repair for our clients. Our Develop Team works to create these technologies in-house whenever possible to provide the most customized experience for our each of our clients.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our dedication to quality control. Every file assigned to The Doan Group undergoes three layers of review, without sacrificing cycle time, and concluding with our centralize Quality Control Team of adjusters licensed in all 50 states.

It’s our boutique-style customer service that set us apart starting in 1981. It’s been the hallmark of our success, our not-so-secret sauce, if you will, and we are committed to never straying from these values so our customers always receive the pre-eminent service and experience with The Doan Group.