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Specialty Division will service claims for tractor trailers, motorhomes, recreational vehicles, and a wide variety of heavy equipment

Centralized Quality Control Division also added to provide additional layer of estimate confidence

July 1, 2021 (Covington, Ga.) The Doan Group, a boutique national provider of vehicle and property appraisal services, announced today the relaunch of The Doan Group Specialty Division. This division assists insurers with unique and challenging claims such as those relating to on-road tractor trailers, motorhomes, a wide variety of recreational vehicles, and an extensive list of heavy equipment.

While The Doan Group has been assisting clients for decades with specialty claims, in addition to auto and light truck and property claims, the Specialty Division has been revamped to include a deeper commitment than ever to accuracy and efficiency thanks to a newly created and centralized Quality Control Division.

“One of the most important promises we make to our clients is that we will deliver to them a high level of confidence in both our process and results. The Specialty Division will keep that promise using a multifactor quality assurance method,” says Josh Kane, Specialty Division Manager for The Doan Group. “Every file will now undergo a third layer of quality control. First with the actual appraiser, then at the franchise level, and finally with our new centralized Quality Control Division.”

In addition to a heightened focus on file reviews, the technology mix employed by the Specialty and Quality Control divisions includes the AdjustRite estimating software, the industry leader in its space, to ensure every applicable file is written leveraging the most current and accurate data.

“The Doan Group’s centralized Quality Control Division is dedicated to delivering lower Total Cost of Repair and faster cycle times, and also being available to intake and rapidly respond to direct client feedback,” says Kane.

“We are excited to offer this additional value to our clients. This underscores the benefits of The Doan Group as a complete resource for all their appraisal needs,” says Roger Crowley, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations. “The amazing people we have all across the country that interact with our clients every day remain committed to constantly honing the high levels of service and estimating accuracy our clients appreciate and keep coming back for.”

The Specialty Division also offers professional appraisal services for a broad list of vehicles and equipment, including medium and heavy duty trucks, commercial trailers, farm and agricultural equipment, construction equipment including cranes, mass transit vehicles, and even oil derricks and field rigging.

In addition to specialty vehicle appraisals, the Specialty Division will offer a robust suite of services, including:

  • Material Damage Estimating
  • Total Loss Evaluation Services
  • Salvage Disposal Services
  • Desk/Subrogation Reviews and Appraisals
  • Virtual Estimating
  • DRP
  • Cargo Loss Inspections
  • Scene Investigations
  • Diminished Value Appraisals
  • Reinspection
  • Mechanical Warranty Inspections

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