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• Highly respected Viking brand becomes part of New England-based Doan franchise

• Viking Owner/CEO Paul McKeen and entire staff to be retained by Doan

June 25, 2024 (Covington, Ga.) The Doan Group, a nationwide provider of auto, specialty vehicle and equipment, and property appraisal and adjusting services, has announced that its New England-based franchise, servicing Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York, has joined forces with highly regarded and tenured Massachusetts-area appraisal firm, Viking Auto Appraisal.

Under the terms of the deal, all Viking employees will become part of Doan’s New England franchise owned and operated by Dominick and Zeny Caravella, a husband-and-wife team. The entire Viking appraiser network will also now become part of Doan’s network, and Viking’s current owner and CEO, Paul McKeen, is joining The Doan Group Corporate in a consultative role.

The Viking brand will also be retained and used jointly with the Doan brand in Massachusetts and other select New England states.

“The Viking name, and Paul’s, are absolute gold among insurers in the Massachusetts marketplace. Viking has been a dominant and respected presence for more than 30 years, and this partnership ensures those customers, and their policyholders, continue to benefit from the service and expertise for which Paul and his team are admired,” says Dominick Caravella, who adds more than 40 years of his own industry experience to the partnership.

“We are beyond excited about this partnership with Paul and Viking Auto Appraisal and are thrilled he and his team will help ensure the transition is simple, seamless, and stress-free for Viking and their clients,” adds Caravella.

Customers from all perspectives can look forward to significant enhancements in service quality, cycle time, and various other advantages. These benefits encompass increased capacity from an expanded appraiser roster, extended geographic coverage across New England and the U.S., access to technology-enhanced communication and file management through the eDoan online portal and mobile app, and the more comprehensive range of appraisal and adjusting services available through Doan.

“Viking has always been about family,” says McKeen. “Partnering with The Doan Group is a perfect fit to ensure that those values remain intact for my family and clients.”

Roger Crowley, Executive Vice President of The Doan Group, is enthusiastic about the partnership between The Doan Group and Viking Auto Appraisal. He believes the appeal for customers includes getting more without removing anything they have come to expect and appreciate.

“By joining forces with the Viking Auto Appraisal team, together we are stacking significant additional value upon the tremendous value already being provided to insurance carriers serving Massachusetts,” says Crowley.

“Paul and the Viking Auto Appraisal team will provide customers of The Doan Group with exceptional expertise, professionalism, and CCC One knowledge that comes with their sterling reputation. Viking customers will now have access to Doan’s extensive appraisal and adjusting services, including Specialty, Heavy Equipment, Subro, Property, and more, allowing them to consolidate and simplify the claims process across all categories and for both daily claims and catastrophic events,” adds Crowley.

Tim Davis, Owner of The Doan Group, sees this acquisition as a strategic win for all companies involved and their clients.

“Dominick Caravella and Paul McKeen are dynamic leaders in the Northeast region with decades of proven success and quality reputation. We at the parent company are thrilled to have helped facilitate this acquisition,” says Davis.

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